As smartphones became more powerful and home automation began to capture consumers' interest, Lutron recognized that the brand needed to appeal to an audience broader than the contractors and architects who had historically been their target. 


Wrangle a dozen business groups, with twice as many core consumer audiences, to align on a vision for the brand that appealed simultaneously to installers and homeowners, while communicating the technical advantages of whole-system environment control. 


Our team of designers, UX architects, and developers streamlined a handful of disparate web destinations and over eleven thousand SKUs into a single expression of the brand, with modern visual search and an architecture designed around the diverse needs of Lutron's customers.


We simplified the homepage experience, condensing navigation into a "fat" menu of a few top-level items, and focused the visuals on the rich library of photos that the brand had from hundreds of high-profile clients.

We created an environment where viewers could explore Lutron products throughout each room of a home and see how they would not only tie in with a modern design aesthetic, but also discover the interoperable functions of each.


An online calculator demonstrates how even the simplest dimmer can save money over years of use. As a global company, the tool is localized to address specific energy costs across states and countries.

Product pages offer information tailored for multiple audiences: from design inspiration to connectivity details, the brand's robust product catalog is presented in a clearly organized, customer-centric manner.


Editorial content offers case studies written in the form of articles, covering the brand's long history of innovation in lighting and environmental control, including many LEED-certified installs.