In celebration of the hundredth anniversary of Coco Chanel’s masterpiece, No 5, the iconic brand arranged an exhibition which would bring Chanel’s influences and references to life in Paris’ iconic Palais De Tokyo.


We were tasked to design a brand and marketing campaign for the experience, entitled No 5 Culture Chanel. This brand needed to be at once as elusive and iconic as the fragrance, and as the woman herself.


After poring over historical documents and exploring numerous design directions, we decided to create something new from existing references: a synthetic image of the No 5 bottle which was drawn from dozens of unique designs across the decades. 

Brand 2Brand 2

This unique image—a bottle, envisioned empty, suggesting a story not yet at its end—became the iconic visual for collateral designed by our team and other collaborators selected by the brand.

Our website collected and cataloged each of the one hundred pieces from the exhibit, revealing the influences and points of reference which shaped Coco’s life and work.


Serving as narrative story and reference guide for the exhibition, we designed the site to be elegantly simple to navigate, its responsive design allowing visitors to call it up at any time during their trip.

Out of home and print advertising covers Paris for the weeks of the opening of the exhibition, the simple visual identity standing out amid the bustle of the city.

Brand 1Brand 1