J.Crew was looking to tell their story of how quality is the thing that ties their entire brand together—from materials, to design, to manufacture, all the way to the customer.


The brand had spent years competing for a the middle tier of fashion, yet had consistently used higher quality materials. How could we tell a story that hadn't changed in a fresh new way?


We created a content campaign centered around stories of quality: we visited craftsmen, talked to designers, and spent time with Jenna Lyons, then brought the stories to life through videos and blog posts.

We traveled to Italy's Vitale Barberis Canonico mill to learn how the intersection of family, tradition, and passion creates a suiting fabric tailor made for our Ludlow suit.

The team behind surfwear brand Pret‐à‐Surf offer a few words of inspiration to fuel the entrepreneurial spirit in everyone—even landlubbers.

Jenna Lyons talks about the mood-lifting power of a great pair of heels—and takes us on a trip to Pisa, Italy where our collection is brought to life in a small workshop.