Manufacturers of lux beauty products and originators of the "moroccan oil" craze, Moroccanoil was facing a crisis of confusion: their signature blue and placename were being used by dozens of competitors, diluting recognition among their core audience.


Create a new dialog around the brand, provide them with a core focus and sense of purpose, and spark a new message that would appeal to the high-end consumer who were looking for a reason to care about a beauty brand.


Using Carmen Tal, Moroccanoil's driven founder, as our muse, we created Inspired By Women, a campaign whose goal was to celebrate the beauty and strength of all women. The campaign centered around a series of videos featuring six inspiring women, and directed by Bryce Dallas Howard.

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Along with the video content, we created online, social and print advertising featuring striking portraits of the campaign's subjects alongside brand ambassador Rosie Huntington-Whitely.

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