The product that kickstarted the fitness tech revolution, the Fuelband was Nike's biggest innovation in decades and they wanted everyone to know about the power of the wearable that made everyone an athlete.


In order to generate a ton of organic buzz in the media, Nike tasked us with creating a unique influencer event in New York that would take people out of their comfort zones and engage them in some high-energy product trialing.


We designed and produced an exclusive event that took our guests on a tour of the city and showed them that real athleticism could be anywhere, from the batting cages to the pizzerias. Our custom Fuel Wall was such a hit, it spawned two additional activations in Niketown and at SXSW.


In downtown Austin, our 100-foot-long Fuel Wall not only reacted to passerby, it also functioned as a view into the area beyond, where the energy of athletes in the skatepark, on the basketball court, and more was translated into kinetic animations in the now-iconic red-yellow-green gradient of the Fuelband.