Prior to their historic merger, ONE and (RED) joined forces to try and put an end to mother-to-child-transmitted HIV. On the occaision of the anniversary of the first AIDS quilt, they wanted to spread the message and enlist millions of people to help them.


Without diminishing the memory of the millions who have fought the disease in the past, how could we create a participatory experience that could be shared by a new generation?


The (2015) Quilt, a digital creation tool with a fresh graphic aesthetic that allowed people from all over the world to add their own messages of hope and share them directly on Facebook.


The creation of a panel needed to be fun and simple, yet allow for the depth of creative expression that makes UGC tools a real success. We designed a workflow that let users engage as much or as little as they wanted, offering a random function at every step.

The output was varied and beautiful: by authenticating their Facebook account, guests could add photos and embellish them, or use intuitve design tools to express themselves however they liked. In a few short weeks, nearly a million panels were created.


Visitors could search by name to find friends' panels, or simply discover them on Facebook and link directly to them. Navigating the entire quilt was as intuitive as navigating Google Maps.

In addition to collaborations with Apple, The New York Times, Fast Company, and others, a digital billboard in Times Square broadcast the message to millions of people. The billboard sourced panels directly from the Quilt as they were created.