Sennheiser engineers some of the most advanced personal audio devices available, and yet they are overshadowed by other, more well-known headphone brands with greater reach—and bigger budgets.


How to introduce New York to the brand and its newest products, aimed squarely at audiophiles on the go? Create an experience that captures attention and offers product trial and purchase in the heart of New York's newest retail and commuting hub.


My team designed and produced a stunning retail experience which captures the emotional power of music and the engineering precision of Sennheiser, while making a bold visual statement in the center of Santiago Calatrava's famed Oculus.

Photo 1Photo 1

Designed as two standalone structures, with a central passageway dedicated to premium product, the pop-up encourages a meandering browsing experience that belies the relatively small footprint.

Using parametric design tools, the twenty one hundred rods which form the profile of the structure were all precisely engineered, then capped with a layer of dichroic film to catch the light inside the Oculus.

Photo 8Photo 8
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Development Sketches.

Sketch 1Sketch 1
Sketch 2Sketch 2