In the world of media, streaming music is seen as second tier. Spotify needed to shift that perception by showcasing the power of its personalized audience data and turning that into an immersive story for brand partners, media managers and creative agencies around the world.


Demonstrate Spotify’s deep understanding of consumer behavior to their brand audience, help launch a year's worth of innovative new products and partnerships, and ultimately position the streaming music giant as a tier-one, data-driven media platform.


Across an aggressive calendar of events around the world, we developed the creative strategy and produced the experiences, architected with multiple layers of content—both guided and self-driven—which formed the narrative that kept pace with their product development throughout 2016.

Cannes 9Cannes 9

At CES, the story revealed how Spotify is connected to their listeners throughout the day, our message focused on the brand partnerships that drive new hardware/software integration for the platform.

For Cannes, we revealed hidden insights within everyday objects, showcasing the data that surrounds every seemingly simple action taken within the platform. Hosted talks, workshops, and musical performances brought the space to life throughout the day.

Cannes 18Cannes 18
Cannes 11Cannes 11

Dmexco brings the latest in adtech together under one roof in Cologne each year, and this year Spotify showed up as never before. Building on the foundation laid out earlier in the year, the narrative took the form of a sinuous plinth that showed seamless flow of features across Spotify's partnerships.

Dmexco 2Dmexco 2


From the success at Cannes, the Spotify team built new relationships, branching out from their traditional technology partners. We developed a lightweight, flexible design and messaging languge that enabled them to drop in to other brands' events or environments.

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Near the end of the year, Spotify prepped the launch of their biggest new ad product, Branded Moments. Our end-to-end narrative connected with Spotify's media agency attendees by asking guests to authenticate their own Spotify account as part of an RSVP. This allowed us to customize presentation content, collateral, and the event experience to showcase unique listening trends within each agency and city.

Roadshow 14Roadshow 14
Roadshow 7Roadshow 7

Development Sketches.