Sprint was looking to position itself as a carrier who understood the needs of streaming music listeners. With the launch of the HTC One Harman Kardon, a new music-focused device exclusive to the carrier, they had a hot new Android device designed for the fans.


With the traditional and digital advertising being rolled up in the brand campaign message, Sprint was looking for a spectacle that would serve to launch the phone, generate content, and dazzle senior executives and celebrity guests as a capstone to their annual meeting.


An interactive performance that partnered the audience and artist—Pharrell Williams, hot off his latest album—in an experience that blurred the lines between technology and music, a participatory event with the HTC device at its center.

Sprint 8Sprint 8

Pharrell's performance was done entirely without a band: all audio for the event would come from the advanced signal processing of the HTC devices, while their screens were synchronized with the stage and custom designed grid lighting.

Designing the interaction, the team worked simultaneously to solve creative and technical challenges: the latency of performance on all 500 devices needed to be invisible to the crowd, while the choreography of both audio and visuals had to be seamless.



We designed a grid within the space that connected individuals and their device with a specific grid square, effectively turning the audience into "pixels" of sound and light. Event staff were on hand to help keep the performance running smoothly,